the call

Calling all Faeries and EcoQueers, Spiritual Polyfuckers and Alternative Fags and
Gay Reality-Checking Punk Anarchists and Gentle Angry Onanists!

Calling all Truthseekers and Truthtellers, Men Who Birth Ideas and Women Who Inseminate, Naked Intersexual Hunters and Gatheresses in Dresses!

Calling all Edgewalking Shamans and Cave-Blinded TechnoPagans and Tantric Warriors and Hedgecrossing Witches and Healers and Poets and Sensualists!

We walk between ages, cultures, sexes and spiritualities, self-chosen people who are serious about all this crap.

Flexible, we walk between silly and intentional, exploring different ways of being.

Dig deep, stretch broad, focus and float.

The strength of faeries can be the role of the Fool, the outsider within…ironic and truth telling and angry in an absurd way that can’t be denied, that takes by surprise…(the emperor’s old clothes were soooo tacky–skyclad rules!)… energy transformed through silliness and love and lust, through silence and sharing, through knowing and being.

Come to the edge. Come to the center. Come together in safe sanctuary to realize our strength and explore who we are, dive into the power of our unique spirit and imagine what we can do with it –then go out into the world and do it, as powerful people walking between. The world has never needed us more. Imagine community, know you have community, create community.

In the blink of an eye, in the unfolding of concentrated effort…

We create a temporal community of spirit, magic, and ritual focus. Sharing magickal practice, working with energies, dancing, singing, drumming, loving, and being the people we have been waiting for.

Help co-create this focused intentional spiritual event.

Experiential teaching/workshops/event leading will be offered by us – You plus me plus him plus her. If you feel called to lead or facilitate a class or event, please fill out our online form or make plans to put it out there at gathering.

We welcome participation from all. Lead from your strengths. Follow when mystery calls you. Be willing to explore and dive in with us.


Our intent for this Gathering is to claim our walk between worlds…knowing that when our world changes, all the worlds are changed.

Who launched this adventure?

These edge walkers, co-creators, visionaries and pranksters are: Cicada, Eureka!, Kiva, Miracle, redWing, Tallgrass, Twilight, White Ash, and maybe you, you powerful, beautiful being!

The Stews of Kawashaway lovingly support this event with space and encouragement.

It's radical to Pre-Register!

Spontaneity rocks...and planning creates the space that nurtures it. Please pre-register as soon as you can -- online. Info on non-electronic registration is also available on the same page. Can't pay now? Register now anyway, rather than later. Really.

Respecting what we create

In a spirit of respect for the peace and sanctity of both individuals and the community, we're inviting you to experience a chemical-free environment. Sorry, to respect the animal beings who call the land home, we can't invite your pets to this Gathering.