Faeries Spirit Gathering ~ We Who Walk between

Thursday afternoon 8th June ~
Tuesday morning 13th June

Kawashaway Sanctuary
Superior National Forest
Northern Minnesota

$85 ~ $150 more info


Tents are the thing. Kawashaway offers a rustic, primitive camping environment. Showers are a communal effort of pumping water from our well into Lola & Trixie (two large tanks) that get heated by a woodfire. There are two outhouses on the land. Our very little indoor sleeping space is only made available to those who truly need it. If you require special accommodations, please e-mail us. Special needs accommodations (electricity, daily housekeeping...) may also be arranged with our neighbors at Crooked Lake Resort.


Parking is limited, global warming is a pain in the ass, and gasoline is depleting and expensive, so carpooling is encouraged. If you need a ride or would like to offer a ride, please check the corresponding box on the registration form. We have a ride coordinator that can help.

How do I get there?

If you need a map and/or directions to the Sanctuary, be sure to request it while registering online, or contact us. The Sanctuary is around a 5-hour drive north of the Minneapolis - St. Paul International airport and around a 2-hour drive from Duluth.

Highly Recommended to Bring

a rainproof tent fabulousness warm clothes extra socks love mosquito repellent pretty (?) outfits ideas for workshops willingness to chip in and help flashlight and extra batteries rain gear, including waterproof boots or shoes fun stuff to do and materials to share drums and other acoustical instruments sleeping bag/bedding

Minnesota 's Peculiar and Delightfully Unpredictable Weather

Miracle and Two Bears transversingHow to prepare for the unexpected? In mid-June, it can be as warm as the 80's and as cool as the 30's. Rainy days in springtime are not unusual in the northland. A short skirt/no skirt in the afternoon may lead to longjohns and umbrella by nightfall - so pack for changeable late spring weather! Layers rule!

Chem-Free Gathering

We encourage participants to experience this Gathering as a drug and alcohol free event.

From our own experience we know that many states of being, consciousness, and ecstasy are available to everyone, by using trancing and transformative techniques such as drumming, dancing, breathwork, ritual and such. We encourage exploration of these paths as content within this event we are creating.

We encourage everyone visiting Kawashaway during this time to explore the possibility that we can walk between, travel to the Otherworlds, and be radically creative under our own power, without the use of recreational or sacramental chemicals.

Unwelcome Behaviors

The following behaviors have been identified as unwelcome at the Sanctuary at any time: